The Breeze~Breaker

                                  Is a Rear mesh screen  windbreak designed to reduce to a minimum  buffeting and back draught  thus enhancing  driving enjoyment on any journey.  Ladies will enjoy not having their hairstyles destroyed in the first couple of miles and as the Breeze~Breaker advantage becomes more noticeable at speed it is possible to wear a cap without losing it at speeds over 60 mph .


To work properly sidescreens need to be in place or windows wound up, in Autumn and Winter more heat is retained in the car which becomes more useable.

The unique design allows for the hood to be raised with the screen in place, which can then be folded down vertically on cars with two tilting seat backs and folded backwards horizontally on other models. This feature also allows a Tonneau cover to be used without removing the screen.


An alternative design is also available for cars fitted with Roll bars which is retained by Velcro straps and nylon buckles, - see TR6 & Triumph Stag Photo gallery.



                        The Breeze~Breaker is made using seamless alloy tube with a unique extruded alloy base rail to retain and tension the mesh. Car fitting brackets are all steel 3mm minimum thickness, welded construction and painted black. The mesh is Best quality PVC coated fibreglass which is impervious to water, car shampoo and mild detergents On all standard models the mesh is fitted to the tubular frame using a professionally trimmed leather cloth surround.



            Is fast and easy, and where needed all hardware is included with the screen. On standard installations no drilling of the car is required.


                            The Breeze~Breaker is available with black  mesh and matching leather cloth for  TR 4-6 models with and without Roll Bars and the Triumph Stag complete with Rear Tonneau. 




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